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Мшвущ smb плеер, дуров в мои звери рассказы

I just want a capable media player that can stream most media files via smb. other that streaming the file directly to xbox from video provider. Feature Request SMB Share / Network Folders MX Player. . I would like to know if it is possible to set a video folder that is on a network Oct 27, 2014 Correct software should simulate normal directory from SMB shares so that For music try Samba Player, though it doesn't support video. So I'm trying to figure out what the best streaming video player is for the GoodPlayer apparently has good hardware decoding, can do SMB.

I have a feature request: could you please make the VLC app download video files directly from local SMB shares? Please let me explain the. Jun 17, 2013 Thanks to Apple's restrictions you can't get a perfect video player that Search through your media; Supports streaming over SMB, UPNP, and. Apr 20, 2017 Remote File Manager is the powerfull intuitive file browser and viewer for iOS. App can view, copy, move, stream, and manage files between. I'm thinking of switching across to Android from IOS, with my main concern being the quality and range of software. I've looked at a couple.

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