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Снапшот minecraft 13w36a, верка сердючка старые выступления

Sep 6, 2013 13w36b is the second snapshot for 1.7.2, and was released to fix some of From the previous snapshot hide Minecraft computer versions. Sep 5, 2013 The Minecraft What's in Minecraft snapshot 13w36a In depth Overview Blog was contributed by Death. Hello, today, an important thing. Sep 5, 2013 The new snapshot just came out! 13w36a. So whats it all about? - In a short description, its world generation, decoration, nature and the water. Sep 6, 2013 This article is about the computer edition. For other editions, see Version history ( disambiguation). 13w36a is the first snapshot released for.

Sep 5, 2013 Minecraft 1.7 Snapshot 13w36a is released and the update of fall is surfaced by Dinnerbone on Thursday 5th September 2013. Snapshot itself. Sep 6, 2013 Minecraft's latest snapshot has been taken, developed, framed and subsequently reverse-3D printed into the game's launcher. Mojang aren't. Minecraft snapshot 13w36a. Posted on Sep 5, 2013 by Dinnerbone. Update: 13w36b has been released. Instructions to download the client & server are below.

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